It is with great sadness that today I announce the closure of OneDDL. This is not a joke, nor a prank, but the result of a hard decision, made in difficult times.

Since late 2007, OneDDL (or Rapid-links as it was back then) has provided the world with links to movies, tv shows, games and more. We started out on a shared server, receiving little over 10 visitors per day and grew to the point where we required several dedicated servers in order to satisfy the demand of over 350,000 unique visitors per day. While we did employ adverts to help with the running costs of the website, we are proud to say that we have never asked for a single penny from our users. We worked hard to make sure that adverts did not interfere with browsing experience and were as un-intrusive as possible. We hope you can respect us for that. We've received our fair share of negative feedback and don't begrudge anyone for providing it, although we would like to think that your experience has overall, been an enjoyable one.

The closure of the website will also mean the end of the forum. Created in early 2008 and at its closure, nearly 50,000 members strong; it has become the home of the OneDDL community. I doubt there are very many sites (of our format and structure) around that can boast an active forum user base, as well as a frequented main site. Thank you to everyone involved and most importantly, the users. Thank you for your participation in the OneDDL experience.

Unlike similar websites, we provide external sites and services for everyone to use (on their sites) without the OneDDL name. We have no intention of closing those and shall continue them as long as possible.

We were also one of the first websites to support VODO as an emerging distribution platform for artists. I'd like to believe that we played a prominent role in their Distribution Coalition and I hope some of you were able to appreciate (and perhaps support) the work that content creators made available for free.

If you are still reading this with interest, you will probably want to know why we have decided to close our doors, because believe me, this was not an easy decision to arrive at. The legality of websites, such as ours, has always been a rather grey area. I had believed that this ambiguity would work to our advantage and originally, that it what lawyers told us (yes, we went to see lawyers). Lately however, the landscape has changed, and it appears the grey is gradually becoming black and white, unfortunately not in our favour. We have always acted within the law, responding to takedown requests in an efficient manner by removing any reported links without question. For some people, this is simply not enough. So dies yet another great website, long live the OneDDL spirit!

We invite you to take a shot of your favorite spirit to honor the memory of OneDDL. Post pictures of your shots and something with RIP OneDDL written on it, on and link to it in the comments. If you are under the drinking age in your region, improvise.

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